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Find a package that works for you, and get your company set in no time!

special offer
£ 11.99
By availing the seed package, you can create your own limited company that is ready to function. No additional extra troublesome features, no hidden requirements, and no tiresome processes. Give your company a name, and let’s get started!
£ 19.99
Starting up your company demands getting your initial affairs in order. With a little help from the experts, the company you created yesterday can start trading today. Get started with our program and get your certificate today.
best value
£ 49.99
With the standard package, your personal details and corporate documents stay separate. Printed corporate documents and registered office addresses disclose no home addresses and safeguard your private details from public records.
most papular
£ 59.99
Privacy protection of your personal home details, an ideal match for serious business owners. It enables the protection of your home address by offering replacement with a registered office and service address alongside a VAT registration.
£ 189.99
All in one
An All in One package provides a complete offering of services which includes hard copies of documents, registered office mails, along with VAT registration. Offering a collective one-stop solution that helps companies experiencing large trade volumes.
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We make company formation in 3 steps

Choose company name
After deciding on your name of preference for your company, check for its availability. After confirmation, your company is ready to be incorporated after registration.
After the initial step has been done, keeping the scale of your business in mind – select a package from our multiple offerings. Offering great solutions for different scales, select the package that best caters to your business needs.
After selection, proceed to check out and selecting additional services according to your business needs.
is SUPER easy with us Get started
Why choose virtual offices? Make an impact with a prestigious business address
London Company Address

Registered Office Address of a Company is the Company’s official address. All the Government institutions require that all UK companies register an official address at the incorporation stage. Registered office address is made available to the public.

£49.99 +VAT
Virtual Business London Address

Business Address Service can be used to receive general business correspondence. All the business-related mail will be processed efficiently, professionally and quickly. Junk mail will be filtered so you will receive only mail that is essential to your business.

£199.99 +VAT
London Address For Company Director

It is required by law that all Directors of a company should provide two addresses to the government institutions, their residential address and service address. Service address is use to receive all the statutory correspondence for the attention of the company Directors.

£25.99 +VAT
Are virtual offices right for me? Virtual offices are a pratica and affordable option for any type of business

An easy and convenient way to establish your profile as a reputable consultant with an enviable address in prime location.


Have a credible and professional address for your business HQ to impress clients as your enterpr grows.

Small businesses

As you expand into new markets a virtual office will help you achieve the scale to set your business aprt from competitors.


Avoid the costs asscciated with office relocation and expantion when market testing save on upfront costs/ you won't be tied into a long-term lease and staffing costs will be reduced as employees can work remotely.

What services does a virtual office provide? Choose the most suitable virtual office package for your business needs
Professional business address

Take advantage of our prime locations across the UK with your own business address complete with mail harding and forwarding.

Call answering

Have your calls answered on a local number by a friendly receptionist. Calls can be forwarded at your request.

Choose what works for you

Opt for additional benefits including access to ad hoc office space, meeting rooms and business lounges at travel destinations, city centres and business

Free Scan and Email

With all our virtual mailing address packages we include free scan and email of all mail. Mail can be forwarded or held for collection if you prefer.parks across the

Account Management

Our account management tool “Office Support” is where you can manage your account, view mail and messages, renew services and add additional services.parks

Customer Support

You will receive unlimited help and support from our accounts team. Our dedicated staff are available via phone, email, live chat or in person.the UK.

Annual Subscription

Subscription options are available month by month or 3 months, 6 months or annually. The longer you sign up for the more cost effective the service becomes

No Automatic Renewals

We do not automatically renew your service with us. We will contact you towards the end of your subscription to ask if you would like to.

Over 200,000 companies formed in the UK. We make it easy to start your business. form a company >
Similar products you might need
Apostilled documents
Apostille Certificates are used to legalise documents so that they can be used throughout the world. Usually companies are required to have their company documents apostilled by the overseas authorities, non-UK registrars and banks. Apostille certificates are issued by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Almost all public documents can be apostilled. Documents can be legalised by apostille as a set or individually.
Certificate of good standing
All limited companies registered with Companies House are required to file annual paperwork. Provided that the company has filed all paperwork since inception and has no outstanding fees, it is said to be in good standing with Companies House. A Certificate of Good Standing can be requested to confirm that the company adheres to all the statutory requirements, that it has filed all the necessary paperwork, has no outstanding fees and no action being taken against the company to remove it from the register. Usually Certificate of Good Standing is requested for opening a business bank account.
Accounting made simple
Whether you’re setting up a new Startups company, or looking to switch accountants, we’ve got the tools and expertise you need. You get unlimited advice from our accountants that allows you to manage your business finances anytime, anywhere. With our All Inclusive service we can support your startup from company formation right through to adding Payroll and VAT services.
From £ 49.99+VAT

Exclusive discounts and perks from leading partners

Save money on services for your business.

What do you get when you register a limited company?

We speak your language.
English, German, Russian, Ukranian, Lithuanian and other.
We Promise No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees
We believe an company formations doesn't have to be expensive; that’s why we continually strive to offer the most competitive prices around.
You can have meetings at your London office
As virtual business address clients you can use a hot desk or meeting room at our Bell Yard office

Premium services to make your Company Formation convenient

Private limited companies

The most popular type of UK incorporation is a company Limited by Shares. The most attractive reason for setting up a Limited Company is a protection of limited liability. It means that only the shareholders are responsible for the debts of the company up to the value of their shares in the company. There are no minimum or maximum share capital requirements. A Limited Company only exists once it has been incorporated. It is prohibited to issue its shares to the public.

A private company must have at least one director. There are no specific qualification requirements, no nationality or residence restrictions for company director or shareholder.

A private limited company can start trading immediately upon incorporation. It does not require any trading certificate to start its business.

Guarantee companies

Company Limited by Guarantee is the company structure mostly used by non-profit organisations such as charities, clubs, trade associations, sporting associations, community projects and educational establishments.

A company limited by guarantee does not usually have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors.

Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

This is the most popular business structure in the industry of accountants, architects, dentists and solicitors who most often operate as partnerships.

An LLP is a formal partnership between at least two business partners. Each business partner is provided with limited liability, which means they aren't fully responsible for the business' debts or liabilities. And partners in an LLP aren't liable for the negligent acts or malpractice of a single partner - each partner is accountable for their own negligence.

Each partner in a limited liability partnership has a say in the operation and management of the business. The LLP agreement also allows partners to leave the partnership and new partners to be added.

What’s next steps?

Once you have onboarded your company with us, they are then approved within 24 hours and are ready to trade.

For any concerns or help needed, our round the clock support helps seeds, startups, and small businesses get the expert help they need.

Here’s What We Offer

We offer the complete solution, starting from watching you register to help you excel. We know the concerns of entering in the market, which is why our expert insight helps you to get ahead and make matters easier.

We help you in setting up your type of company and provide services of registered address and VAT registration alongside other registrations.

After which, we guide you on how to fill your company’s accounts and confirmation statements, and help you get started!

After company formation…

We paperless, so once your Company has been successfully formed we’ll email you a link where you can download all your documents and print them out if you  wish so.

We can help you find the best package of limited company Business Address Service, Tax Consulting, Accountancy support for your business. You’ll get the perfect combination of accountancy service for freelancers, self-employed, small and medium businesses. Over 200000 clients trust us with their business finances - let us help you, so you can focus on growing your business.

We look after thousands of small businesses across the UK. They trust us to answer their queries, provide proactive accountancy advice and remind them of all upcoming deadlines

To find the right package for you, why not to speak with one of our advisors?
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