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Ultimate Package

Limited by shares company formation

59,99 + VAT
A private company with limited shares
Inclusive of Companies House £10 filing fee
A business bank account for free
An online company manager for free
3 Month of free Accounting
A PDF copy of Certificate of Incorporation
A PDF copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association
A PDF copy of Share Certificate(s)
A PDF copy of Company Register with First Entries
A Hard copy of Certificate of Incorporation
A Hard Copy of Share Certificate(s)
Get a registered office address - 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR
1 x Get a Service Address - 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR
Registration for VAT
A Hard copy of your Memorandum & Articles of Association
A Hard copy of the minutes of the first board meeting
Partners Peaks
Confirmation Statement
Please note:
With the seed package, you get a company with ordinary shares. If you want anything other than ordinary shares, you would have to reach out to our customer support team at +44 7533 900001. It will be our pleasure to help you in any way we can.
If you are within the UK, your company documents will be delivered to you for free. If you stay outside the UK, you will have to pay for delivery via Royal Mail plus an additional 20%.
Companies with directors or shareholders outside of the UK don’t get the Barclays and Lloyds business bank accounts. Only companies with shareholders and directors within the UK are eligible for that.

Ultimate Package

If you really want to go all out and get all the bells and whistles needed to do serious business, this is the plan for you. You get a registered company address, hard copies of your company documents plus VAT registration. Now it’s all up to you to excel.

Start your own business now!

Using our registered office and service address service, you get to position your business as a top tier company that is to be taken seriously and is ready for business. You can trust us to forward all your correspondence the very day we get them.

Get a reputable London business address.

Support for the Lifetime of your Company

At 123Formations, Customer support is one of our core duties. We are always available to respond to any inquiries or help you resolve any issues over the phone or via email.

Annual renewal costs

You can renew the registered business address (£40.00 + VAT), service address (£29.99+VAT), and business address (£199.99 + VAT) on an annual basis. For a total of £277.98+VAT.

Ultimate Package

Limited by shares company formation


Premium services to make your Company Formation convenient

Why should I purchase the Ultimate Package?

This package comes feature-rich with all a business owner would need to get a business started. We will do well to send your company documents ASAP, so you can start trading.

We will do well to send your company documents ASAP, so you can start trading.

FREE Lifetime customer support

Have any pressing questions in mind? Ask Us! We will get back to you in no time.

Before we submit your application to Companies House, we will review it and also prevent any other company form filing on your government account.

Fraud protection service

In order to protect you from identity fraud, we have taken some steps like disabling company filings, signing up for email notifications and more. These measures keep you in the know and help you stay ahead of anyone who tries to make any changes to your company without your permission.

Set up your business in the UK

All you need to get started and successfully run a Limited company is included within this plan. We will help you set up a registered business address and even forward your company documents to you, wherever you may be in the world.

LTD Company Registered Office Address

It is mandated that all companies in the UK at the point of incorporation, register an office address. Your office address is made known to the public and can be used by anyone who wants to get in touch with your business.

However, in order to avoid the influx of government and junk mail to your resident address, as well as protect your privacy, it is much better to get an official business address so that all legal documents and government paraphernalia are sent there. Having the office address in the same jurisdiction as where the company was registered is also a plus.

Director Service address

Another directive mandated by law is that company directors provide their residential address and a service address when they register their company. The service address is made public and serves as the mailing address for the company director. We can provide you with a service address so that your residential address can stay out of the public domain. All correspondence we receive on your behalf will be forwarded to you either by post or mail. Contact us today.

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From £ 49.99+VAT
To find the right package for you, why not to speak with one of our advisors?